Hemp and How it Effects your Drug Test

Since the state legalization and the implementation of more lax laws on Marijuana and CBD there have been growing concerns about whether or not employees will come up positive for marijuana use on drug tests if they take CBD supplements and oils. 

Let’s debunk some common misconceptions.

First it is important to understand that standard drug tests typically test for THCA (the inactive form of THC) in your urine and not CBD. Most hemp based CBD products and oils contain roughly .3% of THC in them.

It is unfortunately close to impossible to have a pure CBD supplement without trace amounts of THC but the amount of THC you will consume when taking CBD is so small that it won’t come up in any drug screening. The same cannot be said however with smoked strains of cannabis that are high in CBD but just as much THC

Though new strains come out every day that lower the amount of THC in the herb, they are rarely below the legal limit and can pop up on drug tests especially if you’re not monitoring your dosage.

Though in some cases even with trusted CBD supplements one can still pop positive for drug screenings but this is when consuming over 1000mg of CBD per day and typically a dosage will be from 100-300mg per day.

If you are still unsure on whether or not your usage of CBD oil will cause you to test positive on a drug test the best advice is to take a test exam before the real one and see for yourself if your usage will get you in hot water. These exams can be purchased at local drug stores.

In short, no using CBD oil from a trusted source will not make you test positive on a drug test. For a reliable source of CBD oil please visit my page and see for yourself. All of my products contain less than .03% THC per serving so you can take any drug test worry free while still enjoying the many benefits of this amazing product.  

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