The Effects of Inflammation and Hemp

It has been said that inflammation is the cause of most modern disease. Recently there have been many studies showing the link between chronic inflammation and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, and heart disease. In fact it has been shown that chronic inflammation increases your risk of heart attacks and stroke substantially. 

Now let’s be clear in saying that there is a difference between acute inflammation, such as after a tough workout, bee sting, injury or infection, and chronic inflammation such as with poor diet, continual release of stress hormones and lack of sleep. Since most of us live sedentary lives and have stressful jobs, plus it can be difficult not to eat sugar rich foods which have been proven to cause inflammation, it’s no wonder most Americans develop high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease in their later years. 

Chronic inflammation is inflammation that takes a toll on the body over the course of many years until problems develop, often when its too late to fix without medication. So how can CBD possibly help with this issue?

Well, it has been shown that CBD can reduce inflammation caused by stress, lack of sleep, and poor dietary choices. It does this by helping balancing your hormonal systems so that your body does not respond so drastically to non threats, and over time chronic inflammation has been shown to go down with just 1-2 doses of CBD oil per day.

This will not only make you objectively healthier but you’ll feel healthier because your not suffering from the acute side effects of inflammation such as joint pain, muscle pain, tenderness and even headaches. It can even reduce blood pressure after a few weeks of use! With so many benefits regarding the reduction of inflammation in the body because of CBD oil, why not try it today? 

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